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Neymar: 12 Things You Didn't Know About Future Real Madrid Superstar

BR - The news out of Brazil late last week was big.

According to ESPNSoccernet, Neymar agreed in principle to a summer transfer from Santos to Real Madrid. The deal will reportedly be worth £53m. Neymar, 19, is expected to sign a contract worth £1 million per month.

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krazykombatant2413d ago

ummm will he shave that stupid mohawk off??? furthermore, I don't care if hes being mentored by pele. I don't see us needing him at all right now, I also don't think hes worth 53 mil. If he were to stay at santos till after the world cup then maybe. Right now were doing fine with ronaldo being the diva.

kulka2412d ago

We have to wait and see but don't think he is worth half of his pricetag

kane_lfc2412d ago

Breaking - Neymar has signed a new contract at Santos. Gets a 50% pay rise, and looks like staying until after the 2014 World Cup.