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Tomasz Kuszczak accuses Man Utd of 'slave' treatment

Goalkeeper Tomasz Kuszczak has claimed he is being treated like a "slave" by Manchester United after a proposed loan move to Leeds was blocked.

The Poland international was keen to join the Championship club to boost his chances of selection for Euro 2012.

But according to the 29-year-old, his request was turned down by manager Sir Alex Ferguson.

In comments reported by a number of national newspapers, Kuszczak said: "I've become a slave to Manchester."

The Pole added: "I'm frustrated but I don't want to slander or criticise Ferguson. It's not my style.

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buddymagoo1852d ago

I'd like to be a slave that gets paid £30,000 a week and does nothing for a living.

Killzoned1852d ago

Yeah but he wants to play football something that he enjoys..

buddymagoo1852d ago

"Slave" is a bit strong though, don't you think?

vulcanproject1851d ago (Edited 1851d ago )

Agrees buddymagoo. It was a silly comment from him. What slave gets paid as much, works as little and has the opportunity to buy out their contract as he does?

Stop moaning because you aren't good enough, buy out your contract if playing is really your biggest priority like you claim it is, and shove off.

kulka1852d ago

Szczesny, Boruc and Fabianski are better than him he won't make it to Euroes..

Nightfallen1852d ago

Exactly, he will never make it to the Polish National Team.

neoragex1852d ago

If he's not playing club football.. how the hell can he get a call-up?

freeduck1852d ago

It's an excuse to leave the Utd for gametime at another club.

ngecenk1852d ago

probably thats the problem: no one really ever saw his performance. its uncomparable. and szczesny is definitely not on his top performance right now.

RedDevils1851d ago

He given so many chances that almost lost counts, Remember VDS injured? That his biggest chances and he blew it, he punches the ball more than Beckham making crosses when it just simple ball to catch. He always look shaky, at this rate, I don't see him make to the bench for Poland with the like of Szczesny and Boruc

Gamer19821851d ago

Thats the problem right? How can you get better if you never play?

RedDevils1851d ago

He did play and lots when he was 2nd choice, you probably never watch United games if you think he never play

asmith23061852d ago

Must be tough getting all that cash every week. If he doesn't care about that then go play in a few divisions lower where he will get his game every week!

xX_Altair_Xx1851d ago

So Utd chained him up and shipped him from his homeland and forced him to work?

"Slave" has some very negative connotations. He should think before he opens his mouth.

ThatIrishGamer1851d ago

Surely he knows we don't play him because he's absolutely awful?

He had a good game 1 every 10 matches. The other 9 he flapped at the ball.

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