Andy Carroll: What's Wrong with the Liverpool Striker?

The month of January proved monumental in Liverpool Football Club's direction. Much-maligned manager Roy Hodgson was sacked, paving the way for Kop favorite Kenny Dalglish to take over the helm.

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kulka1992d ago

his confidence is low lacks games and the pressure on him is too big

johnsonbat1992d ago

He's just not that good. Plain and simple.

zeddy1992d ago

they paid £25 million too much for him thats the problem. he's not a £35 million pound player, thats almost £12 million more that suarez who is 5 times a better player.

Theo11301991d ago

He's English, plain and simple.

guigsy1990d ago

To be honest I don't think it's his fault. Liverpool blew £35 million on a player with half a season of top flight experience and threw him into a team that doesn't even suit his style of play.