Snapshot: Jermain Defoe Meets Rihanna, She Mistakes Him For An Arsenal Player

"Jermaine Defoe scuttled backstage at the London O2 to meet Rihanna after her gig last night, only there was one small problem – and I don’t mean that he was so nervous that a small bit of wee came out…"

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no_more_heroes1923d ago (Edited 1923d ago )

Guess she's never heard of Tottenham before... ;)

buddymagoo1922d ago

It could have been a joke if she knows of the rivalry.

NEW-AGE1921d ago

Is That Kobe Bryant in the pic?

RedDevils1922d ago

That pic look so much like photoshop, don't tell that is Rihanna hand (the one over Defoe shoulder) lol