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Rooney: Don't axe Villas-Boas

Manchester United star Wayne Rooney believes it would be a mistake for Premier League rivals Chelsea to part ways with Andre Villas-Boas so soon after appointing the Portuguese manager.

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Gamer19822399d ago

Of course as he's massively holding them back so why wouldn't Rooney want him to stay in charge? In all seriousness though I see Chelsea as a big mess right now as they are trying to become a new team but are too scared to let go of the old guard and that's what's causing inconsistency.

buddymagoo2399d ago

Lol, and I thought I was biased.

Gamer19822397d ago

You are this isn't about being biased. Whet did I say that was biased? The incosistancy IS coming from him try to get players like Terry and Lampard to play his new style and they cannot cut it. They even point it out on MOTD. But of course people on here know more than football pundits right? See your the biased one you attacked me and disagreed purely because i'm a city fan what does that say about you?

kulka2399d ago

Rooney is right you must give manager few years particularly whe he's in charge of an ageing team which he needs to change

KingPin2397d ago

You hit the nail on the head!!

but another problem i find is that the manager isnt choosing which players to buy, the club owner is. and thats where the problem lies. the manager has to make do with something the owner gives him. when mourinho came in, he bought the players that he needed. that is why, chelsea without big names won the titles they did. but now you get an off form torrez, an aging drogba, etc and a manager who isnt allowed to buy players to build a team. all of that just doesnt mix well. that is why chelsea is in a mess.

AVB is a young manager and is capable of good things. he done it at porto so dont judge his talent as a manager. but he needs the sort of authority at the club that Sir Alex had when he joined man united. give him time and the freedom to buy what he needs and he will succeed.