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Highlights: Real Madrid 4-1 Atletico Madrid (Spanish Primera Division - 26/11/11)

15' Adrián 0-1
24′ (PG) Cristiano Ronaldo 1-1
49′ Ángel Fabián Di María 2-1
65′ Gonzalo Higuaín 3-1
82′ (PG) Cristiano Ronaldo 4-1

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kulka2398d ago

6 points now Real seems to have the hunger which Barca lacks at the moment this will be very close this year

krazykombatant2398d ago

hahaha, La Liga title is that much closer!

HxCGamer2397d ago

jeeze atletico played pretty hardcore

Nes_Daze2397d ago

Real Madrid are having quite a successful season, minus the loss against Levante which they made up for. If Barcelona doesn't wake up, surely they'll lose at el classico.