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Highlights: Liverpool 1-1 Manchester City (English Premier League - 27/11/11)

(0-1) 31' Kompany
(1-1) 33' Lescott (og)

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kulka2338d ago

Another points dropped we should have won it Liverpool convertion of chances is really poor

Sahil2338d ago (Edited 2338d ago )

are you disappointed with today's performance?

buddymagoo2338d ago

Where's gamer1982 does he only comment on United articles, typical City fan.

kulka2338d ago

I think the performance today was very good but the poor finishing again resulted in dropping points we could have won this game

ProjectVulcan2338d ago

Good Liverpool performance. Shows that City will be in for a rough ride with the fixtures they have coming up next few weeks.

Liverpool should have taken all the points but it was one of those unfortunate days.

Gamer19822337d ago

@buddymagoo wow give me time to post. Plus hows that typical City fan? At least I ain't deluded like you. Anyway back on topic. I think both teams deserved a point in the end as it wasnt very one sided City still pressed with 10 men proving yet again to utd fans going down to ten men doesn't mean you get beat by 6 goals.

To be fair though the game was really a game of 2 keepers.Reina and Hart kept there teams in the game and if either of them slipped up the result would have been differn't.

Anderson82337d ago


i was waiting for you to go on about the 10 men.. u had ten men for 7mins its not quite the same is it

Gamer19822333d ago

@anderson8 we scored 5 at OT in 30 minutes so getting 1 in 7 shouldn't be hard if they were a superior team right? You cant have it both ways here.

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RedDevils2337d ago

Harts was a beast, if it wasn't for him Liverpool could score more than 3 goals, he make like 5 or more amazing saves

Sahil2338d ago

Coulda, shoulda...
Great game to watch though.
We were better, but Hart gave a performance of the season.

freeduck2338d ago

Scoreline really generous for City. They were just absolutely outclassed second half, and I knew Joe Hart was going to make miraculous saves that game and he made plenty. City are really lucky to have him.

Corepred42338d ago

Joe Hart is beast! Love him as a keeper.

Corepred42338d ago

Yeah I don't know. Casillas is probably still the best but he's been slipping lately. Joe Hart is just on everything.

Gamer19822337d ago

Reina also kept liverpool in it. Silva should have scored in the last few minutes but Reina did enough to stop him in fact the defence was constantly cutting balls shorts forcing Reina to come out of his area if he didn't City would have won. A draw was a fair result.

no_more_heroes2338d ago

That was no goalkeeper, that was an obsessive-compulsive cat with gloves.

kane_lfc2338d ago

Downing, Carroll and Henderson...£75 million...what a waste.

GanjaMan2338d ago

I woudnt say downing is a waste but certainly carroll and henderson are a big waste of money! Your star in midfield is definitely Lucas and charlie is good too (but hes too inconsistent) You would have had 3 points if it wernt for Hart.

Sahil2338d ago (Edited 2338d ago )

If you don't like them, please stop supporting the club, coz they are apart of LFC.

What did hendo, downing and caroll did wrong?

Hendo: Fantastic in midfield.
Downing: putting good crosses(not his best ones)
Caroll: Got 7 mins to play and kicked the shit out of city defenders.

RedDevils2337d ago

With that money they could get Aguero or Hazard

kane_lfc2337d ago

@Sahil I usually stick up for players but after there latest performances I cant anymore.

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