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Highlights: Arsenal 0-1 Manchester City (Carling Cup Quarter Finals - 29/11/11)

0-1 S. Aguero 83'

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KonohagakureFC2395d ago (Edited 2395d ago )

Damn Aguero, why'd he have to go score right at the end, gave us no chance to come back... Guess City's b-team were just slightly better than ours

Oxlaide-Chaimberlain was impressive again though

Also what bugs me is this, why is it that City played Arsenal today as well as Liverpool playing Chelsea today even though it's only been 2 days since City played Liverpool yet on the otherhand you get Man united who not only magically got the easiest draw out of anyone but they also get 4 days of rwst before their game tomorrow... Makes no sense

buddymagoo2395d ago

Not being a United Fan you wouldn't know how much we have suffered over the years playing Champions League away on a Wednesday the getting the 12.15 kick off on the following Saturday. It happens, get used to it.

And are you saying the draw is corrupt, please!?

buddymagoo2394d ago

Well I put my foot in my mouth.

KingPin2394d ago

the fixtures draw happens long before the season starts. there are a lot of mathematical formulaes that go in to draw the fixtures so that matches from all the leagues, all the cups, and the champions league do not clash. before crying like a little girl about how man united gets the easiest route in all competitions, the match dates are pre-calulated, who they play isnt.

unless ofcoz you think FIFA, UEFA, FA, LaLiga, Serie A, etc are all corrupt in favour of Man United.

KonohagakureFC2394d ago

Okay all the fixture dates being pre calculated makes sense although why the heck did they maje it 3 games on 1 Tuesday and then only 1 game on Wednesday, I mean it could've easily all been on the same day or split evenly over the 2 days...

And as for the draw(s) itself, yeah they most likely aren't fixed or corrupt but c'mon you can defend your team all you want but for all we know those draws very well could be fixed. They probably aren't but how would we know anyway

GanjaMan2395d ago (Edited 2395d ago )

Arsenal deserved to win, created so many chances but stupid chamakh coudnt put them to bed even that last chance in injury time a clear header and he coudnt score! I expect Arsene to bring in a good enough striker to partner vp or use him as a replacement if vp gets injured.

P.s Oxlaide is going to be big just mark my words

no_more_heroes2394d ago

Yup, we officially need another striker. That's the only thing that went wrong. Really proud of the kids today, especially Oxley but Chamakh continues to underperform.

freeduck2394d ago (Edited 2394d ago )

I'm surprised no one commented on Arsenal's lineup. Was a joke, really. Thought Wenger was eager to win a trophy this season, but guess not.

Yossi as captain? LOL

kulka2394d ago

really strange formation but league cup is made for the big clubs giving a chance to their reserves and young players no one plays their first team in this