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The Myth That Mario Balotelli Is On Par With C. Ronaldo and L. Messi

The “Bad boy” as he is mostly addressed, who isn’t always far from controversies and headlines that makes one sick. The most stunning part of his rising fame isn’t based on the amount of goal he scores per game neither it is based on his dribbling skills, but his irrational behavior on and off the pitch.

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Gamer19822363d ago

He has the quality to be one of the worlds best you can see it in him just look at the goal today against Norwich only he can score those type of goals. They are what makes players unique and the best around. He has had a torrid past and seems to be calming down and I really hope he does come of age in a city shirt I really do. Whether he will or son't be better than the like of C.Ronaldo and Messi he is an asset any team would love to have when hes on form and not being stupid.


'only he can score those type of goals'
Are you serious? anyone can score that goal given the position he was in. Most players would header it but Balotelli just decided to show off.

The_Devil_Hunter2363d ago

@ Gamer
Hahah its obvious your just saying this because he is MC doubt.

But lets be realistic here, he is not, nowhere near.

Gamer19822363d ago

I love how you city haters all go on about how biased I am yet time and time again I prove I am right. Sick of banging on the drum about it. Its not to do with being a city fan I also never said he was at Messi and Ronaldos level yet. I said he could be. Yeah I am serious about the goals he scores i am not talking about pure skill here i am talking about the manner he takes them. He oozes confidence. Not even the great Messi does that. But yeah me saying that is biased somehow? Take a long hard look in the mirror will you.. *sigh*

Anderson82362d ago

he will and could never be as good or better than either he has a lot of ability but even so he's not even close to being in their league..
only you and balotelli seem to think otherwise

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imtiyaz62363d ago

He likes doing things with class. I think that's pretty cool.

SephirothX212362d ago

He should try smile for once.

kulka2362d ago

he is nowhere near Messi at the moment