Highlights: Wigan Athletic 0-4 Arsenal (English Premier League - 03/12/11)

0-1 M. Arteta 28'
0-2 T. Vermaelen 29'
0-3 Gervinho 61'
0-4 R. Van Persie 78'

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no_more_heroes1973d ago

Now that was sweet! Best performance in a long time. That was about as comfortable as it could have been really.

And a clean sheet!

Gamer19821973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

Exactly what you needed after being ditched out the Carling Cup. nothing better than a win after being ditched out of a cup to raise the spirits. They may go on a run now. What a differnce RVP makes being on the pitch though even when hes not scoring.

GanjaMan1973d ago

Why do you say the same thing twice? Yes we know arsenal were 'ditched' out of the cup but you and me both know arsenal should have won, they played some excellent football but the finishing was very poor! Man city just got lucky near the end, they hardly even had any chances.

Gamer19821972d ago

I meant to put not scoring all the goals lol didnt finish my sentance

dcortz20271972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

uMAD bro? Arsenal should have beat Manchester City. City just got lucky. What was the score again? Oh yeah, 1-0 City, LOL they barely won.

Corepred41972d ago

why are you asking him if he's mad, then make a crybaby statement about barely winning by 1?

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freeduck1972d ago

lol did anyone else find it funny how the commentator wont stop *****ing about wigan's defenders

KonohagakureFC1972d ago

Haha yes! It was like he really hated them