City draw United in FA Cup third round

Chelsea v Portsmouth
Newcastle United v Blackburn Rovers
Arsenal v Leeds United
Liverpool v Southend United or Oldham Athletic
Tottenham Hotspur v Cheltenham Town
Manchester City v Manchester United

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freeduck1872d ago

Finally Utd get a difficult draw away from OT.

ohahCantona1872d ago

we will win,
Liverpool vs Oldham 0-1 ;-)

buddymagoo1872d ago

Boundry Park boys will love that draw. Spent a little bit of my life in Oldham, will enjoy this game.

As for City, they have it all to lose. Hopefully by then we will have Cleverley and Chicharito back.

kulka1872d ago

I say Liverpool might manage against Oldham lol

Gamer19821871d ago

We shall see ;). This is the worst draw you could have heped for as by christmas you could be out of all cups except Europa (in theory). Seems Mancini has Fergies number now the FA cup semi final and the 1-6 proved that. The charity shield was unlucky and City learned a lot from that. That's to never settle against United even when 2 goals up. Should be good even for the neutrals.

buddymagoo1871d ago (Edited 1871d ago )

City out of Champions League, FA Cup and confidence lost by the end of January. Just when we famously pick up speed. I can't wait! Europa League, lol. Speak for yourself. You still have a lot to learn young one.

United Never Die!

kane_lfc1871d ago

@BuddyMagoo you really cant say anything about City doing bad in Europe, your not doing to well yourself even though you where gifted the easiest group...City have the hardest group and all the teams in it have a vast amount of CL experience.

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guigsy1872d ago

Finally? United always seem to get a tough draw in the third round.

kane_lfc1872d ago

You beat us last year in the 3rd round...Berbaflop dived and won a pen which settled it.

Anderson81872d ago

andy carroll in your team and your talking about flopped strikers?.. dude, house

guigsy1871d ago

Gerrard's horrendous challenge settled it mate.

Sahil1872d ago

Liverpool at home in a cup tie? No no no. Let's launch an investigation in to this.

kulka1872d ago

don't worry Sahil we will get city away next haha

momthemeatloaf1871d ago

Sheffield Wednesday all the way