Highlights: Manchester City 2-0 Bayern Munich (UEFA Champions League Group A - 07/12/11)

1-0 D. Silva 36'
2-0 Y. Toure 52'

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wantedboys1971d ago

bye bye Manchester teams see you next year :)

MaximusPrime1971d ago

Keep your disappointment. Chelsea looking forward to make it worse.... I hope lol

Gamer19821971d ago

Hmm you lost to Arsenal and Utd this season two teams we beat already.. It's not looking good is it? Especially with our recent record against you.. #justsaying

silvacrest1971d ago

you lost against average teams to you know, hence your early exit....

besides, out form is looking better atm

HxCGamer1971d ago

I hope u know bayern nd napoli are way above avarage

lugia 40001971d ago

M. City won Bayern 2-0

M. UTD lost with Basel 2-1

I can see which one is better.

dcortz20271971d ago

I can see which one spent more money. Seriously, where would Manchester City be today without all the crazy spending? Nowhere, that's where.

silvacrest1971d ago

what would you have them do?? spend no money and not even get a sniff at success??

people who complain about clubs spending need to think for a moment

asmith23061970d ago

Because Utd hve never spent truck loads of money... Go back to your colouring book.

buddymagoo1970d ago

United are Champions of England and that is a fact. No amount of money will change that. We'll see come May.

Bunch of idiots.

KingPin1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

M. City won Bayern 2-0

A bayern team that had a C-Team playing vs a man city team that had about 250million worth of players on the field.

YEEEAAAHH that win is worth bragging about.

what was the score the first time they played, you know, when bayern had there A-team on the field? you know the 2-0 score where Man city wasnt the one with the clean sheet.

kane_lfc1971d ago

Man City could only beat a fringe Bayern Munich team 2-0 at home with 98% of there 1st team players out? :/

Gamer19821971d ago

Excuse me?? And your where in the champions league again? Or the premier league?? Go home before making that kind of comment. Thats the stupidist comment I ever heard. a fringe Bayern team.. Please.. They did enough to get the job done but it was all on the Napoli score at the end of the day.

Anderson81971d ago

this makes me feel slightly better

neoragex1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

you shud try n beat them in europa league now, more opportunities.

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The story is too old to be commented.