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buddymagoo2324d ago

I think they have woken up a little now and are again starting to understand the hard work they have to put it. Great performance although it started to wane a little towards the end.

zeddy2324d ago

that performance was like what we were at the start of the season. jones and nani were great once again. i know jones is a cb but cant see what we'll do without him in midfield.

buddymagoo2324d ago

I think Carrick was immense today people don't realise how much we miss him. Jones played well as well as Nani and Evans. The whole team played well really, which is what we need.

Gamer19822324d ago (Edited 2324d ago )

Lets not get carried away here it was a win at home against Wolves who are 16th right now and with only 4 wins all season (2 draws and 2 highest neg GD in prem -15) . Still its exactly what United needed after being dumped out the CL and Vidic being out for the season to raise morale. I expect them to win the remainder of the games this year.

buddymagoo2324d ago

Go away! When your team is beating rubbish you are all happy to dish out the praise but can't stand it when others like to give praise to their own team.

Computersaysno2324d ago (Edited 2324d ago )

Lets not get carried away. City's next two league games are Chelsea and Arsenal. United have QPR next weekend.

Take a look at the league table after these games. I bet City's lead will be reduced and their confidence will have taken blows

Corepred42324d ago

computer- that's what people have been waiting for since the beginning of the season. wait til wait til. City are playing well, I don't understand how some people just won't give them that. They thought that before the whooping they give united.

Computersaysno2324d ago (Edited 2324d ago )

You don't get rewards for having a good start. You don't get rewards for being top in august, september, november, december....

City have played well but have not won the league. City have yet to play the other two main rivals to the title Chelsea and Arsenal.

When they have finally done so we can assess their ability better against all their rivals.

So yes wait til these next two games as these are key games. city fans have no business saying lets not get carried away talking about this result because thats what they have been doing all season so far especially this guy here

coxy2324d ago

I agree. Winning 4-1 at home against Wolves should be standard, but it will sure be a confidence booster for the lads after suffering the blows against Crystal Palace and the Champions League knock out.

To see Rooney scoring again, his first since September, will also bring some confidence back to that boy. But, thta's not to say it'll be an easy ride from there.

Manchester United have an easy run of home games for the coming month or two - it's the away games where we need to clamp down and earn the points.

It isn't going to be easy - City still are the stronger side and we'll see how they fair against Chelsea come Monday.

Gamer19822323d ago

@buddymagoo the differnce is we are up and coming and have only just started to beat teams like this. People at the beginning of the season said we had no chance unlike United where people expect it including yourself so just chill. You need to grow up and stop argueing with me so much I gave positives here about United as it was only Wolves as I ain't your typical City fan who wears tinted glasses. This is because my fathers a red and I grew up watching united. So as for can't stand it? Thats wide off the mark you just have a serious problem with city and its fans... We starting to get to you?

As for Chelsea and Arsenal well we already beat Arsenal this season and Chelsea got beat off all the other top 4 rivals this season so people really think we will lose against them is wishing a lot. Not gonna say they won't be hard games but i agree with Corepred4 everytime City win people just say "oh you gotta play this or that team yet" just give it up already.. City can afford to drop a couple of points and still stay top.

Also as for starts to the season not winning the league did you know united even though there "playing crap" according to fans have 5 more points at this point of the season compared to last? Unied to be fair though has played all the top 4 at home not away yet where i except them to drop a lot of points in the second half. So no strong second half this season. Thats the difference City played nearly all top 4 AWAY.

Computersaysno2323d ago

Wrong gamer1982. Displaying the same massive overconfidence and getting carried away that you claim to have highlighted in this very thread!

'So we already beat Arsenal' And? Man Utd beat Arsenal 8-2 but i doubt that will happen again for decades, because Arsenal were in a terrible slump. Chelsea are playing better too. City have won nothing yet and still think that these games are no big deal and will be a walkover. This is a massive mistake and so arrogant.

CITY HAVE NOT WON THE LEAGUE. Simple fact. You don't win it in December so for gods sake shut up. If City beat Arsenal and Chelsea then i'll start to think they will be difficult to stop. Wait and see, only gotta wait a week...

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kulka2324d ago

This always happen just when I remove Rooney from my fantasy team he will start scoring again lol back on topic United needed this

marcoskids2324d ago

Good goal by Fletcher :)

Anderson82324d ago

great performance..just what we needed.. jones was immense again today

guigsy2324d ago

Good performance today, although I would still prefer to see Jones in defence alongside Rio, even though he was immense in midfield. Valencia also deserves praise for his performance, setting up three of our four goals.

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