Highlights: Real Madrid 1-3 Barcelona (Spanish Primera Division - 10/12/11)

(1-0) Benzema 1'
(1-1) Sanchez 30'
(1-2) Marcelo (OG) 52'
(1-3) Fabregas 66'

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lugia 40001934d ago

Madrid loves to waste opportunities lol.

Ronaldo wasn't any good either today. Deserved victory for Barca.

Marcus Fenix1934d ago

ronaldo is the most useless player against barca.

Theo11301934d ago

he's useless player period! He can score 3 and 4 againts some poor team in la liga, but when it comes to any top team in League or CL he's worthless. He's way too selfish, instead of looking for option, he takes random shots. Sell him back to who ever, and get a team player, Ie: Hazard, Cavani, Robinho(which they shouldn't have never sold), or play Callejon.

RGB1934d ago

So "useless" that he scored the winning goal against Barca to win the Copa de Reyes for Madrid for the first time in 19 years!

Well done with that laughable statement!

kulka1934d ago

This is the diffrence between Messi and Ronaldo.

lugia 40001934d ago

I believe Ronaldo is best in Portugal, but Messi is best in Barca.

neoragex1934d ago

"Messi is best in Barca."


zico1934d ago

barca, and world. If he win WC with Argentina (as I think he will do), he will become the best footballplayer ever (bigger than Pele, Maradona, Zidane, Rolnaldo and everybody else....)

Tommykrem1934d ago

Don't know if you've been watching the Euro qualifier, but Ronaldo hasn't been all that good. He was far from at his best against Denmark, even with a free-kick goal and he was pretty much isolated from the other players against Norway.

krazykombatant1934d ago

Messi had an assist thats it.... So I fail to see your point. He should have been carded and thrown out of the match.

neoragex1934d ago

Ronaldo missed a crucial header (sitter), that made the difference.

terrorofdeath1934d ago

Yeah agreed, ref hesitant to give the red. Would have impacted the game HEAVILY if Messi got sent off, which he should have.

oli1934d ago

i think he's full of himself, and needs to realize that what messi does is what makes him a better player than him. nice win though, we'll get them next time.

RedDevils1934d ago

Messi be red, but since it Messi he don't get it lol REF

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wantedboys1934d ago

i donot think this is the real ronaldo i think the one is playing is a fake. Madrid when are u going to beat barcelona come on !!!!!!!!!!!!

Sahil1934d ago

I know Kaka didn't meant it. Do you see me complaining about it?

I posted it for fun.

buddymagoo1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )


That 3-1 at wembley doesn't feel as bad now, knowing you were at home. It was a lucky first goal for you and you spent over 250m to build a team that can't do no better than us. What a waste. At least we beat them with Ronaldo in an important competition.

Madrid were embarrassed. They never have a chance and Barca made Madrid look like fools. Hows it feel now the shoe is on the other foot, fool.

Corepred41934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

Can't hear you all the way down there from the Europa league.

lol I see my comment made someone turn into a whiny 13 year old. lmao (buddymagoo)

neoragex1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

^^ This comment deserves a FREAKIN' Ballon D'or :D

buddymagoo1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

How does it feel knowing you can't even win your own League, lol. Pretenders.

I'm just happy you boys have been fed a bit of humble pie. It doesn't taste well does it?

proudly_X1934d ago

You re really funny.. Been laughing ma ass out with this comment... either way, I never thought for once that Real would win...i think with this win Barca will continue their dominance just like last season... real face sevila next and with lost confidence, that match could be disastrous..

HxCGamer1934d ago

Hahaha ok that was funny , and even aftwr what the score, i thought the game was pretty even, terrible second goal by barca bt ish happens, either way we r still ahead in la liga :) lol

And im drinking my sorrows away right now!!!

Btw i liked that u called me out, I can see we are becoming important to each other <3

Anderson81933d ago

ahahahahaahaha.... well done sir

madrid an ronaldo wasted far too many opportunities tho barca were deserved winners

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lugia 40001934d ago

Knowing every comment you do has the most disagrees in the whole article makes me say for you to go away.

buddymagoo1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

I'd be inclined to agree, I should. I'll just support my team from now on. I think we should all do the same.


You got a problem with that? Don't worry about me and get on with your own business. Thanks for noticing me though.

The_Devil_Hunter1934d ago

@ buddy
For real, you never have anything meaningful to say.. :(

The_Devil_Hunter1934d ago

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA you got owned!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

RGB1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )


Surprise, surprise... hypocrisy or what!

"I tend to only counter attack specific people. I love all football and don't fall for all this boring football talk. I'm happy to watch a sunday league 0-0. If there is a size 5 ball, I'm there!"

"I don't do this hate game" (or words to that effect) and your comment #4 on the list! Seriously! :S

Spike471934d ago

I agree, They spend that much money to have the best players in the world on their team(since their beginning), yet they still can't beat Barca or dominate anywhere else in the world. I think United gave Barca a good match at Wembley, I would've hated to see another Classico in the CL.

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Anderson81934d ago

just as i said it would be...
hoped madrid would win though.. could have made la liga more exciting

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