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Champions League: Manchester United are in Better Shape than they Appeared

If there is consolation to the Manchester United defeat at the hands of FC Basel hastening their exit from the Champions League group stage, it should be said that ill luck prevailed because of a team marred by injury—not by a first team not up to par.

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Gamer19822324d ago

They are as they 5 points better than last season at there point forget the rest of the reasons.

buddymagoo2324d ago (Edited 2324d ago )

Give us United fans a chance to post first in our articles will ya!

Part and parcel of being a United fan is understanding that people are waiting for us to fail. Under Sir Alex we understand that even in the roughest storms Sir Alex will fight and we will find our way again. After all we are still Premier League Champions.

Nes_Daze2324d ago

As long as ManU doesn't sink themselves too far down, all is good. I hope Hernandez gets better since he's very important to the team.

dcortz20272324d ago

Manchester United are going through a tough time, all teams do. I'm sure Manchester United will rise up again, like they always do!