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Goalkeeper Bites The Face Of Opponent In Argentinian Cup Game (Video)

In a bizarre act of utter madness that even Chris Foy (or is it Hoy?) and his team of assistants couldn’t miss, one Gabriel Orozco, goalkeeper for Argentinian side Recreativo Estrellas, decided to bite the face of an opponent after a minor coming together in the box during a local cup game in Cordoba.

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no_more_heroes2285d ago

guess it didn't taste as good as he thought it would...

buddymagoo2284d ago

Puts a new meaning to a face off in the box.

no_more_heroes2284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )

when I hear of one person eating another person's face, it usually means they're kissing passionately.


...eating another person's face...

Why o why2284d ago

Puts a new meaning to

get in their faces

kulka2284d ago

Biting is becoming a bad habit for player first Suarez now that lol

GanjaMan2284d ago

Won't beat what tyson did ;) (you could see the ear being spat out)

Nes_Daze2284d ago

Zidane just got beaten...

dcortz20272284d ago

What is it with people from South America biting other people, first Suarez, and now this. Are they all vampires?