Villas-Boas: Chelsea can win the league

The manager paid tribute to his players' strength and character, while he also revealed that match-winner Frank Lampard had overruled Juan Mata to take the decisive penalty

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neoragex1985d ago


buddymagoo1985d ago

They still have a chance. There is still around 24 games left and about 70 points (rough guesses) Anything thing could happen between now and then. I hope Man Utd win it but for Chelsea it is not impossible far from it.

buddymagoo1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

double post.

Gamer19821985d ago

They are not even contenders this season Spurs have a bigger chance.

DavidLuiz41985d ago

And Your Point Is? Manchester United has a better chance probably than your side
- I hope Your Still Not About Getting Beat by our better side
- Also " Thursday Night Channel Five "
- Thanks for Your time and Sturridge :) LOL

krazykombatant1985d ago

it would take something close to a miracle.

neoragex1982d ago

Chelsa need to win those esy games.