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Fergie: No panic buys for Man United

Sir Alex Ferguson will only make a move in the January transfer window if a long-term target becomes available.

The Manchester United manager has seen his squad stretched in recent weeks, with Darren Fletcher taking an extended break from the game with ulcerative colitis, Nemanja Vidic ruled out for the season.

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Abdou232553d ago

I think Ferguson days at Old Trafford.should come to an end.Of course we need players,top class ones we can't going on like that it's fuckin disgraceful, all my friends make fun of me because the poor performance of Manchester United.We should go after Sneijder or Goetze or Modric, we also need a striker.enough with young players already.

buddymagoo2552d ago

Are you for real? 2 points behind! Do you even understand what Sir Alex has done for our great club. Go support City, your kind is not needed at our great club.

This is not Fifa we are talking about. For all our trials and tribulations we are not doing that bad.

Abdou232552d ago

You really have no idea what you are talking about, 2 points behind?! we get kicked out from a very weak group in champions league, kicked out against a very weak opponent in Carling cup, beaten 6-1 from City, and 2 points behind is an achievement to you ?
Vidic is out for the rest of the season and with all the other injuries you think Ferguson is right not to seek any world class ones ?

And you say man UTD doesn't need my kind. Yeah Man utd needs people who like losing and bad performance.Yes ferguson achieved the impossible but come on the man is 71 years old.

buddymagoo2552d ago (Edited 2552d ago )

"Man utd needs people who like losing"

Strange??? We have lost one game in all competitions this season. I don't think calling for Sir Alexs head after half a "bad" campaign is what any decent man utd fan would even think about doing.

Ok City beat us 6-1 but you have to consider 3 of those goals were scored after 90 mins against ten men when we switched off. We can only learn from it.

We will come back stronger under Sir Alex we always have. Mourinho's Chelsea was a bigger threat and look how we handled that. We came back and won Leagues and a Champions League.


KingPin2552d ago (Edited 2552d ago )

lmfao i still find it funny how people still harp on the 6-1 defeat. it happened. ok so what. answer me this, how many matches did MUFC lose since then? lol and when MUFC thrashed Arsenal everyone was singing a different tune. so please cut the bullshit.

from the comments here, buddymagoo, guigsy, dcortz2027 and vulcanproject have been supporting MUFC for ages. <yes guys, it shows. not that its a bad thing. im with you> but its people comments like Abdou23 that is most annoying. im sure his been supporting MUFC since they last won the champions league. either that, or he just supports the winner. take it soon he will change to barca <give him time>

guigsy2552d ago

He didn't say we don't need players, but the players he wants aren't available. No point in buying for the sake of it, that's what Chelsea and Liverpool did last January and look how that turned out.

dcortz20272552d ago

Your not,nor you never were a true Manchester United fan based on your post. So, you only support Manchester United when they are winning? Young players are United's future. Alex Ferguson has done great things for Man U. and will continue to do so!

ProjectVulcan2552d ago (Edited 2552d ago )

Oh puhhhlease, anyone that says Ferguson should go right now is a bit of a tard. When Manchester United are struggling to get into Europe for a couple years and sitting outside the top 6 in the league then it maybe a valid line of discussion. Until then, take your 'support' elsewhere.

The club still has a strong squad and a bunch of youngsters that look very promising- Phil Jones is the most exciting teenage English midfielder i have seen since Scholes albeit in a very different way.

United are sitting 2 points off City, a far better start than last year. City have invested 350m pounds in their side in just 3 years, the same amount United took a decade to spend in this league. In my opinion thats an expensive 2 point lead over United, and the season isn't half done yet....

United had one too many poor performances in their Champions League group, a poor showing this year, but hardly an unmitigated disaster. They will likely go straight back into the competition next year, and this will be mostly forgotten.

Calling for Ferguson's head FFS.....rolls eyes

In my opinion they need two players at most when they are available, another right back and a top end midfielder. They don't need some huge clearout, they just need to bridge the gap between the retirees and the new generation. This will be done in time.

kane_lfc2551d ago

Jack Wilshire is ten times the player PJ is.

Once Phil Jones loses his pace because his positional sense is so bad, he will be useless.

ProjectVulcan2551d ago (Edited 2551d ago )

Bollox is Wilshere ten times the player. They are different types of midfielders anyway. They are both great great youngsters and if anything Wilshere has had a headstart by being at a top setup with Arsenal for a decade before his first team debut. Considering Jones hasn't had half a season with United yet i am much more impressed with his performances and how quickly he has settled.

Goodness knows what level Jones might be at if he had been at the United academy for the past ten years. Certainly i am not dismissing the talents of Wilshere, but Jones has to have at least as much potential looking at how well he has made the step up to a much higher level.

We should be excited that England has these two excellent looking prospects and they are both now on the first team sheet for two top English clubs. It can only mean good things for the future of the national side.

kane_lfc2551d ago

I was gutted when LFC lost out on Jones.

After watching a few games with him in I'm glad we didn't get him.

ProjectVulcan2551d ago

You were happy you missed out on Jones? I too was very happy you blew 35m on Carroll and another 16m on Jordan Henderson instead, who looks meh for his age some 2 years older than Wilshere and Jones who are both still teenagers lets not forget.

He looks average in the Liverpool side which itself is well underperforming for the money spent and again looks like it will fall well short of the top 4 by the end of the season.

How long will people back Dalglish if he can't take the club back into the top 4 and the champions league i wonder?

kane_lfc2551d ago

Henderson was rubbish for a few games because he was being played out of position but now hes been great because hes now playing in his favorite position.

We didn't pay for Carroll, Chelski did.

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Abdou232552d ago (Edited 2552d ago )

I'm not calling for his head because the bad performance,I just criticised his methods in buying new players, always with the cheap ones. 94 Millions from Ronaldo and only god knows where they gone. Now the team is in desperate need of a midfielder and he is not considering one."(I won't buy) unless someone appears we have always been interested in, but there isn't." means if we can only find some one very cheap and may be good in 2-3 years from now we will buy him. That's Arsen Wenger strategy and look where it got him, 6 or 7 years without single championship.
You really think if Man UTD got back to the Champions league and faced Bayren we would win? with the current squade and performance? I'm not saying Ferguson is a bad manager, he just doesn't know how to deal with big stars and maybe that's why he doesn't go after them. remember Beckham - Nistelrooy-Roy kean-Staam- and others, Even Rooney almost left last season.

KingPin2552d ago (Edited 2552d ago )

how long have you been supporting man united? since what 2010 maybe? if you think SAF doesnt know what his doing now you should go back into the history books. why do i have to keep referring you and the damn journalists to 2005/06 season. STFU and go look at that team, where they finished the league, where they finished the champions league and what that same team accomplished since then. maybe then you wont panic and cry like a girl when your friends diss you. you have no idea how dumb you sound right now. all 3 of your comments makes true united supporters laugh.

and to say SAF doesnt know how to deal with stars, did it occur to you that SAF was the one that made them the star to begin with? and SAF nor the club are gonna over pay any of their players. that is why United is always a tight unit. there is never any argument over wages at the club. i suppose you wanted SAF to keep tevez too, yeah, his doing great for the city changeroom...oh wait....

neoragex2551d ago

how about no buys at all :D