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Highlights: Manchester City 1-0 Arsenal (English Premier League - 18/12/11)

1-0 Silva 53'

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KonohagakureFC2380d ago (Edited 2380d ago )

And Arsenal are robbed of a point...
Richards handball, most obvious handball you can imagine and Phil Dowd was right there! Unbelievable.

zico2380d ago

agree, it should have been a penalty! City was really lucky to get all the points!

GanjaMan2380d ago

yes we deserved atleast a point and i swear that ref can now officially be confirmed to be blind, adding to his fucked up yellow teeth and his overhanging belly!

DavidLuiz42380d ago

Referees nowadays are just blind

KingPin2380d ago

many arsenal fans will feel hard done by today. but i dont think that was a penalty at all. it did touch his hand, it was clear as day, but at the same time it was more a ball-to-hand then hand-to-ball incident. there wasnt anything malicious in it and his hand was tucked in close to his body, also there were no arsenal players directly behind him to take advantage had the ball not touched his hand and continued rolling. i think this is why the ref didnt give the penalty.

but must say arsenal did give them a good run. didnt make it an easy game for them. was very entertaining to watch too. i was hoping arsenal would take some points of city. lol MUFC needs all the help they can get.

Kos-Mos2379d ago

You need to learn the rules in soccer. WHAT THE HELL IS HAND TO BALL?

KingPin2379d ago

you need to watch more soccer. not every ball that touches the hand un-intentionally is given as a penalty.

Let me school you young man

Hand-to-ball is when a player sticks out his hand intentionally to block the path of the ball.

Ball-to-hand is when the player knows nothing of the ball until its hits him on the hand.

Examples of such cases: both recent incidents involving man city <to keep it simple for you>

hand-to-ball: Man city vs chelsea - Lescott intentionally put his arms up to block the path of the ball from going towards the goal.

ball-to-hand: Man city vs arsenal - ball his Richards hand while he was standing still with his hands tucked in at his side.


Kos-Mos2379d ago

The rules you`re mentioning is from 1984 kiddo.

KingPin2378d ago

little man, the offside rule is from the time soccer began. whats your point. fact is rules are rules whether its 1964 or 2011. accept it and move on.

Nes_Daze2380d ago

City takes the win, Arsenal should've played better if they wanted the points.

zico2380d ago

I think Arsenal did play good today. really close to get a point away in Manchester.

Nes_Daze2380d ago

I saw the game, they did play good, but my comment is more directed to those that discredit City's win over Arsenal because of some handball, which was not intended. It's only Arsenal's fault if they couldn't at least get a point. It's unfortunate because they were having a good run.

asmith23062380d ago

It wasn't a penalty. He was pulling his arm in when the ball hit him. In saying that Arsenal deserved a point out of the game. To many great opportunites wasted. Best game all season and I don't think either team deserved to lose. Arsenal should take pride away from the game. Its great to see how far Arsenal have come considering the start they had to the season. All the so called Arsenal fans calling for Wengers head at that stage can shove their words up their ass.

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