Sturridge: Chelsea can still win the league

The Blues' young striker still believes that the team has the potential to win the Premier League and is expecting his teammates to bounce back against Tottenham on Thursday

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Gamer19821887d ago

He's starting to regret leaving City for Money it seems as he thought the grass was greener on the other side.

Anderson81887d ago

he left because city wouldnt play him an didnt think he was gd enuff

neoragex1886d ago

players go to CITY for money, not the other way.

Gamer19821886d ago

Neoragex he left because City wouldn't give him the 90k a week he demanded for his age and at his stage of development. Most top players in the United squad don't even get that! City said no so he left as Chelsea said they would give it him as they have a crap youth system so it was a good move for them.

Killzoned1888d ago

I guess the draw with Wigan really hit em hard

dcortz20271888d ago

Anything is possible I guess.

Nes_Daze1887d ago

Chelsea aren't consistent enough, the league title is out of their hands this time.