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Liverpool FC: 10 Bold Predictions for 2012

BR - In the midst of the Luis Suarez racism row, which currently surrounds Liverpool Football Club, I though I might try and take a bit of the edge off things by taking a look at the year ahead, which promises to be an even better year than the current one.

In 2011, Liverpool Football Club has witnessed the return of The King, the departure of The Kid and the arrival of a maverick genius who promises to electrify us for years to come.

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Gamer19822369d ago

wow there bold!, Carroll scoring 20! Liverpool winning both domestic cups? And Liverpool spending over 20 million on 3 players? Not to mention the title win for next season. There owners are not exactly mega rich. After the mistakes of Carroll and Henderson I doubt they will let Kenny be so frivolous in the window again.

Sahil2369d ago

"I doubt they will let Kenny be so frivolous in the window again."

He's buying players for the Future, not some USE AND THROW scheme like..

GJ232368d ago

Even then £35m for a player who had half a good season at newcastle, and a decent one in the championship is a bit excessive. Even Sergio Aguero didnt cost that much.

Gamer19822368d ago

Like Carroll and Henderson right? For the future? Yeah because obviously the future of the club is paying tons of money to crap players and then selling on in a couple of years for less than a quarter they paid. Thats the point your making right? As thats what he did. So don't try to argue the point here as he did cost them over £35 million in crap.

ProjectVulcan2368d ago (Edited 2368d ago )

LOL scousers dreaming again! Liverpool have a long way to go before they can challenge Chelsea, Arsenal and Spurs let alone City and United. The table says enough, and Liverpool have not even been involved in European competition up to this point- all the teams above them have so think about that.....

This is a hilarious wishlist to me because i wouldn't call them 'bold' i would call them 'completely unrealistic' even if Suarez wasn't going to miss a host of key games the rest of this season.

Liverpool has been a 'project' for the past 20 years. It seems more likely to me Liverpool will finish outside the top 4 because Arsenal and Chelsea are gonna be buying next month to strengthen. Dalglish will sign a couple more cheapies, maybe squeeze them just inside the top 4 at very best next season before he quits.

Does anyone think he has the motivation to stay at the club the 5 years+ that is probably required to mount a title challenge in the face of City, United, Chelsea, Spurs, Arsenal?

I for one doubt it. After seeing him walk away from the last of his jobs if everything doesn't go perfectly to plan he'll walk again, he hasn't the appetite for it. He only lasted 6 years at Liverpool first time round when he was still in his thirties and on the books as a player. Now he is 60 and has far more pressure.

I can't see him at Liverpool more than 3 or 4 seasons before he gives up from stress or old age or just lack of interest or problems with owners. Whatever. The weight of expectation is on him and he couldn't have picked a more competitive point in the Premier league's history to try and make Liverpool contenders again.

Liverpool also need a new stadium to have the financial muscle to compete with City and Chelsea, United and Arsenal but it still hasn't happened. They can't close the gap and sustain it over the next decade on and off the field without one because their revenue is now well below Arsenal and Chelsea.

kulka2368d ago

Did the owners not say that it's going to take five years to turn Liverpool into challangers again ?

kulka2369d ago

When the owners came in they said it will take five years to make the club successful again Liverpool is a 5 year project this is why Kenny is buying young players with potential for the future..

kane_lfc2368d ago

When Man City got took over by owners...they didn't get into the top 4 instantly or get instant look at them.

People need to understand that LFC are a project and I'm glad you do.

Gamer19822368d ago

Massive differnce is Citys spending power is in another league here. Plus now they can attract the players Liverpool can only dream of. Without Europe they will struggle to get players to get them into top 4. As they have to dislodge another team who probably do have that power. You can get as good as you want but if the other teams are always better you won't ever get what you want.

zeddy2368d ago

lfc will finish 6th, unless they go out and spend more money. honestly what a waste carrol and henderson were, just think of who they could get now if they still had 55 million in the coffers.

Gamer19822368d ago

Not Suarez probably who joined as he thought they were gonna get in CL last year and he probably won't stay for many more seasons if they don't unlike captain Stevie G who lets be fair is a 1 club man but he's gonna go down as a legend for the club that never got a title medal what a waste.

kane_lfc2368d ago

Suarez said he wants to outstay his contract no matter what...

kulka2368d ago

Did Gerrard not get a Champions league trophy now tell me when City won it ?