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PFA chief blasts Suarez defence

The head of the Professional Footballers Association, Gordon Taylor, has given a scathing review of Luis Suarez's "cultural differences" defence against his racism charge.

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Gamer19822316d ago

Yeah they went into a fire with matches and his ban will only be extended once he fights this thing.

NewMonday2316d ago

i would take on the corrupt FA

ProjectVulcan2315d ago (Edited 2315d ago )

The ruling is BACKING the U.k's policy of tolerance. It is protecting (albeit very aggressively) the rights of the racially diverse people living in this country from anyone being referred to and pigeonholed or classed because of the colour of their skin. Should there be a limit to how aggressive we are regarding potential racial abuse? Zero tolerance for racial abuse is what i expect. It should be evidently clear this is what we demand.

I would never deny this country has its own problems with prejudice, what country doesn't??? However i always maintain that from all my travels around the world the u.k is still waaaaay high up the list of tolerant countries and respect for human rights. Many colonialist mistakes were made- but eventually we frickin practically invented many modern human rights and forcibly abolished half the slavery on the planet (under the British empire) while other states still clung onto it fiercely.

Its all relative but there are few places as accepting as here whatever your race, nationality or religion might be. We have a lot of work left to do here. Lots of stuff still needs to be addressed. I am not painting a picture of angelic perfection, just relative acceptance.

So in this particular case i think the F.A and people in the culture here can feel they have a clear conscience. We welcomed Suarez as a guest here, many cheered him, nobody cared what religion he might practice or what colour his skin was- he will even be allowed to live here permanently if he stays long enough. Countless choose to.

All we ask is while he is here, he respects the culture and every effort we make to stamp out the remaining nasties that continue their hate campaigns. The only cultural misunderstanding here is that he didn't understand what we expect when it comes to racial issues one way or another. With this ban he should not fight it but accept it as a lesson and a public message to everyone. If we don't think it acceptable to reference people by the colour of their skin, then i can't see why he shouldn't take his ban, shut up, and learn it.

Otherwise leave, go home and do that as much as you please back there. Cheers very much.

NewMonday2315d ago (Edited 2315d ago )

this line is usually used by Xenophobes

"Otherwise leave, go home and do that as much as you please back there. Cheers very much"

and you are guilty of labeling an innocent man , the charges cleared him of racism, charged him only for insults.

this is a witch hunt that undermines serious race and xenophobia issues, calling a black person black is not racist, Sudan is literary "black land"

ProjectVulcan2314d ago (Edited 2314d ago )

Don't talk crap newmonday- you don't even know what xenophobia means. Don't try and make the issue mostly about me, thats a pernicious line of argument. I made it very clear what i think Suarez should do, and that is respect the culture he has decided to come to. Not hide behind these limp excuses when in the context of the situation his behaviour was out of line.

Would you go to another country and totally disrespect their culture and expect to not be asked to leave?

Would you go to a muslim state and stand in public denouncing Islam and the majority of people's beliefs? That is highly disrespectful. Just because you may not entirely agree with another country's culture doesn't mean you have the right to insult those beliefs so publicly. You should expect condemnation from that culture. In fact such a stance would be outright retarded even more so if the country had treated you well. Even more so if the issue was as important as this. I agree with what Taylor says wholeheartedly.

Suarez should accept the ruling on this matter that we do not tolerate any form of racial insults. Your excuses and defence for him are pathetic and disgust me. He should take it as a lesson and everyone else should.

If he can't have at least some respect for this culture then it isn't wrong for me to not want him and his attitude here. I wouldn't dream of being so disrespectful in South America or other countries and looking for excuses as he has.

NewMonday2314d ago

oh boy that example dosent even come close, first he didn't mean to insult him.

did you see the match? what happened was evra insulted Suarez the he responded in a term that basically translates into "settle down pal".

"negrito" is actually a friendly term, not "Negro" that is connected to american slave history.

and would you agree to condemn a man that made a mistake .

going after people like that will only undermine the serious racial issues.

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Infernostew2315d ago

So when he's up for punishments for giving Fulham fans the middle finger he's going to say, "In Uruguay we give opposing fans the finger all the time as a respect thing. I didn't know I wasn't allowed to do that in England. Everyone should understand my intensions." This guy needs to fuck off this planet real quick.

ProjectVulcan2315d ago (Edited 2315d ago )

Yep. When he bit another player on the neck his defence what that he was a vampire and in Transylvania that was considered perfectly normal, all the other vampires were up in arms with the punishment he received along with his club and the blood sucking lawyers out there.

Be realistic. Respect the culture you are a guest in.

Gamer19822315d ago

I cannot deny the guys talent but hate his attitude and I hate the fact he plays in the premier league as he brings the wrong type of attitude to the league. He's so negative constantly whinging and moaning when things don't go his way. That's how this incident probably started. I love watching his skill but hate watching his attitude on the field he makes me frustrated. Oh for those who say I don't have to watch I am aware but he does play against City and my wifes a Liverpool supporter so I see him play all the time.

Infernostew2315d ago

Same could be said for your boy Balotelli.

kulka2315d ago

watch this video and thing again how is Suarez a racist ???
he is not simple as that