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2011 World Soccer Team of the Year

As 2011 winds down, let's make a world football team of the year.

Rather than have a team stacked with Barcelona and Real Madrid players, we'll have a quota of one representative from one club.

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Nes_Daze2308d ago (Edited 2308d ago )

Good team in theory, probably horrible on the pitch since Messi and Ronaldo wouldn't connect well, but who knows, it's all in theory.

Anderson82308d ago

i think they could play in the same team u know.. would be similar to when barca had dinho and messi at the same time.. unfortunately it will never happen

Nes_Daze2308d ago

Well I guess, Ronaldo is passing a bit more anyway, but yeah never would happen.

kane_lfc2308d ago

Whats Busquets doing in there? Why isn't Thiago Silva in there? For me this years he has been the best center back.

neoragex2307d ago

true, he has been immense.