Macheda makes QPR move

Italian striker to see out the season at Loftus Road

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buddymagoo2057d ago

If he gets enough game time I think he can do well. People forget he has only just turned 20!

Anderson82057d ago

i hope they keep him.. hes ok but no way near as good as what we already have

kane_lfc2057d ago

How come your loaning him out, I mean with all your injury problems?

ad4mb2057d ago


because we're gonna spend biiig in jan... haha, seriously. I don't know.

buddymagoo2057d ago

Probably because it did Cleverley and Welbeck so good. Give him a bit of experience.

vulcanproject2057d ago

The major injuries aren't up front. Macheda probably wouldn't get more than 3 or 4 games the rest of the season at Old Trafford. This could do him a lot of good as long as he gets games.

RedDevils2057d ago

Because our injuries all involves in defense and all our forward are fit, with this loan Kiko can get more experience and first team action, this way it will help him like it help both Welbeck and Cleverley

Abdou232056d ago

@kane no injuries in the front except for useless owen.He wont get a chance as long as Rooney-Hernandez-Berba fit.and Welbeck which i don't see him as that much of a great player.

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ohahCantona2057d ago

QPR have done many good moves the last year. Maybe this one also will be a success? only turned 20! Didn`t know that. Thanks for the information

buddymagoo2057d ago

Yeah, his 20th birthday was the end of August. He looks a lot older.

kulka2057d ago

I think Macheda has got a lot of talent he was playing very well last year giving him time on the pitch wpuld be a good move

Mozilla892057d ago

All those "good moves" have them sitting just above relegation.

dcortz20272057d ago

He's only 20 years old? I never would have guessed. Good move, it will help both teams out and help him become a better player.