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Highlights: Manchester City 3-0 Liverpool (English Premier League - 3/1/12)

1-0 S. Agüero 10'
2-0 Y. Touré 33'
3-0 J. Milner 75'(pen)

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zeddy2335d ago

the irony of it all is that lfc have been moaning that opposition keepers have been playing brilliant against them, then their own keeper goes and does that.

badz1492335d ago (Edited 2335d ago )

and some people here dare said that he's the best in BPL? what a joke! and who's actually down to 10 men here?

p/s: the ball is mad at Reina lol! he kicked it hard and it bounced back harder!

zico2335d ago

Downing should have scored alone against goalkeeper. Then it had been another match.... But Liverpool can`t score goals. And Carroll, get rid of him, not good enough!!!!!

Gamer19822335d ago

Carroll is terrible still can't get over teams picking up players after half a good season especially for that kind of money. City did it with Benjani a few years back who was top goal scorer at the time and what a mistake that was. Well minus the cracker that won us the Darby that year of course :p... Actually maybe he was worth it for that.. At least he was useful for something.. I forget my point now..

GanjaMan2335d ago

Adam does my head in, he's a complete idiot infact when he pops up on the screen i just wanna punch him and then theres carroll, carrol carrol carrol ohh how useless you are he's the next level of idiot!

ProjectVulcan2335d ago (Edited 2335d ago )

Liverpool have assembled a very expensive front lineup. Unfortunately the money has mostly been spent on players that are not world class, never have been and never will be. One would expect more from the money Dalglish has spent. Indeed, Carroll, Suarez, Downing and Henderson combined cost considerably more than Rooney, Hernandez, Nani and Young- these weren't exactly all cheap signings either!

I don't even rate Young but even so lets face it only Suarez would stand a chance of getting into United's first choice lineup from that, and even he would see plenty of bench i suspect.

The same goes for City, only Suarez would have a faint hope of getting into their first team but yet again would see plenty of bench.

In short then Liverpool have spent an awful lot of money and brought in players that were good for their respective lower status clubs, but overreached compared to the class needed to be top four. This perception of them at lesser clubs has led to them be massively overpriced.

Dalglish has blown an absolute bomb on guys that just can't win him titles in my opinion. He was in such a rush to buy players for this season he just bought what was going and paid serious premiums for nearly all of them. If only he had spent it slower and more wisely i can't help but think Liverpool would be in a better situation long term.

RedDevils2334d ago

LIverpool could of brought Aguero with the money they spend on Carroll but unfortunately Kenny love English player too much

NewMonday2334d ago

Aguero is even a Liverpool fan, the same price as Carroll, keep puling my hair whenever i think about it.

ProjectVulcan2334d ago (Edited 2334d ago )

City paid roughly the same amount for Aguero and Silva as Liverpool did for Carroll and Downing.

This is incredible, Aguero and Silva were and are bonafide world class players fit to grace any side on the planet. They would get games for anybody and walk into the first team of virtually every club.

Then theres Carroll and Downing. Errmm....

Abdou232335d ago

Very strange line-up from Dalglish. Should started with Maxi instead of useless Henderson,and Bellamy instead of Carroll.

Gamer19822335d ago

Bellamy cannot do a full season doing 90 minutes and Gerrard still isn't 100% he had no choice and well Liverpools backup is among one of the worst in the league well compared to the other top 6 anyway. There is practically no depth.

zeddy2335d ago

i swear if liverpool had better players they might have won that but they wont win shit all with the likes of spearing, adam, downing, kuyt, carrol and especially henderson. for 20 million you gotta atleast some potential that you're going to be a good player. none of the above players would get in any top 4 side.

Gamer19822335d ago

Even with a sending off & Gerrard playing we cruised to a 3-0 victory. Dont' get me wrong Liverpool had 1 good chance they could have scored but Hart was just too good and is probably the best keeper in the premier league right now on current form.

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