Liverpool fan arrested after Oldham player abused in new Anfield race row

Liverpool are once again at the centre of a damaging race row after a fan was arrested for allegedly racially abusing Oldham's Tom Adeyemi during the FA Cup clash at Anfield.

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no_more_heroes1967d ago

I knew that was the reason Adeyemi was so wild. Apparently that idiot "fan" wanted his 15 minutes, what with racism being a hot topic right now.

buddymagoo1967d ago

Bit of a joke really, after everything the club has been through over the last couple of weeks. You would think fans would know better.

NewMonday1967d ago

its one or 2 fans out of over 40 thousand, and Liverpool fans are helping in the investigation.

unlike a whole set of fans shouting "racist bastard" and the club not doing anything about it.

RedDevils1966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

just the media blowing it out of proportion as usual, when it just only one or two fans being an idiot

zeddy1967d ago

suarez must have been in the crowd.


Lol, come to think of it, the term 'black c**t' is a friendly way of greeting someone back in Uruguay.

kane_lfc1967d ago

This is coming from the club who have a statue of a racist outside there stadium?

buddymagoo1967d ago

Kane_lfc you are disgraceful and should be ashamed. Go put you support Suarez support racism shirt on you pathetic little troll.

kane_lfc1967d ago (Edited 1967d ago )

Well the Merseyside police said there weren't any arrests made over racial abuse...I'm impressed with Adeyemi...he must be gifted with super hearing.

Prem league arrests for racist chanting 2010/11 avfc 4, bwfc 4, cfc 2, mufc 2, afc 1 and LFC 0

zeddy1967d ago

"Prem league arrests for racist chanting 2010/11 avfc 4, bwfc 4, cfc 2, mufc 2, afc 1 and LFC 0" lol! where you getting these stats from? lfc is in denial, racist players and racist supporters, ban the lot of them.

kane_lfc1967d ago (Edited 1967d ago )

Source of stats:

Yes we are racist because Suarez got charged based on assumptions and Evras word and Adeyemi has super hearing plus we dont have a mixed raced squad.

ad4mb1966d ago

I am pretty sure his reaction wasnt for are an idiot... read the comments on there from less blind Liverpool fans, may learn something.

Infernostew1966d ago

I wish the Liverpool fans who commented on the article on that site posted here, they seem to know what's up.

Infernostew1967d ago

Well, good to see kane_lfc posting in an article that actually has to do with liverpool.

Infernostew1966d ago

That goes for you too, mate.

alousow1966d ago

liverpool = racist bastard

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