Scholes ready to save United

PAUL SCHOLES is ready to answer an SOS from Manchester United boss Alex Ferguson and come out of retirement.

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buddymagoo2048d ago

I'd love him to come back just because I love him. I don't think it is the best idea though for Paul Scholes.

RedDevils2047d ago

If Arsenal can Bring Henry and Lehmann back I say why not Bring Scholes or Beck back, beside he can give us a temporary boost there no harm for it

Infernostew2048d ago

I'd love to see the ginger prince back on the field. Could be a temporary solution that would need to be addressed at a later time. Probability of this actually happening is pretty low though.

Anderson82047d ago

it happened and its great to see him back

Infernostew2047d ago

It happened real quick too. Quite surprising.

danikagrace2047d ago

Yay! Welcome back, Scholes! Strange to see him in no. 22