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Highlights: Espanyol 1-1 Barcelona (Spanish Primera Division - 08/01/12)

0-1 C. Fábregas 16'
1-1 Á. Vásquez 86'

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freeduck2165d ago

What position does Cesc play at Barcelona?

neoragex2165d ago

haha.. was wondering the same.

buddymagoo2165d ago

Neo don't you support Barca or are you just an anti-football fan?

Anderson82164d ago

they play him as striker in a front 3 alot

kane_lfc2164d ago

Why are Barcelona not taking the league so serious?

dcortz20272164d ago

It's actually the other way around really. Barca's level is starting to drop. Do you really think that they want to just hand Real Madrid the league trophy? I don't think so..

Nes_Daze2164d ago

Sanchez was a bit off that day, and they totally did not call a clear hand ball that would've given Barca a penalty. At this point they might just lose the damn league.