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Real Madrid target £30m Liverpool striker Suarez

Daily Mail- Real Madrid boss Jose Mourinho is ready to offer Luis Suarez an escape from his Liverpool nightmare with a £30m bid for the striker, according to reports in Spain.

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freeduck2297d ago

lol 30m he is worth about twice that

and no, he is not leaving liverpool.

Corepred42297d ago

with all these whiners and crybabies screaming out 'racist' i wouldn't be surprised. I don't understand Real though. They already have C. Ronaldo, Benzema, Kaka, Higuain, all have great skill but they still want more and knock them further down the roster.

NewMonday2296d ago

would sell him for 40m, or get a few players for him. it will be an escape to a great team in a country that speaks Spanish, so he wouldn't have to walk on glass every time he speaks.

heroicjanitor2296d ago

The way Liverpool dealt with the racism probe is ridiculous, clearly he was being a racist yet they managed to paint Suarez as an innocent victim who got banned for no reason. Now all of their fans' inner racists are coming out and they think anyone who cries foul about it deserves to be ganged up on.

If I was the FA I'd have fined Liverpool for acting that way too.

realiks2296d ago

I was going to say he is worth 15m.

neoragex2296d ago

New to football?

I'd love to see him @ barca, perfect replacement for Villa.

krazykombatant2296d ago

psshhh we don't need him. we actually need to off load some players

ninjagoat2296d ago

Get rid of the pretty boys and start playing football.

Theo11302296d ago

Benzema is on fire, Higuain is a poacher, and they both give each other great competition; fight for the stop. So why would we need another striker, maybe if Higuain moved on, but at that point they'd go for someone like Cavani or Van Persie.

NewMonday2296d ago

Suarez is a fighter an hustler, he is the kind of forward Murineho likes

rawd2296d ago

Pure bull. Why do we need another striker. Especially one as terrible as Suarez.

neoragex2296d ago

Buddy.. if u cudn't win the league this year, you'd surely need 3-4 more strikers next season.

buddymagoo2296d ago

Yes?! Oh.. wait.... never mind.

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