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Mourinho defends Ronaldo

Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho has defended star player Cristiano Ronaldo over criticism that he does not celebrate his goals with enough passion.

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KingPin2352d ago


lmao - any reason to pick on ronaldo right.
the media really are building up the whole fantasy that ronaldo is evil and is out for total world domination and messi is the only superhero who can stop him.

lol ronaldo doesnt celebrate with enough passion. do they want him to ride a unicycle while juggling when he scores a goal.

krazykombatant2352d ago

LOOOL, does not celebreate with enough passion. XD!!

Infernostew2352d ago

In a league where it's so easy to score goals, he shouldn't be celebrating too hard. He's just bored every time he scores against a team that isn't Barca.