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I'm lucky to be Liverpool boss - Dalglish

He may have presided over one of the most momentous and difficult years in Liverpool's history, but Kenny Dalglish insists he still feels a lucky man to be back.

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Abdou232326d ago

Manchester United fans are also lucky that you and Wenger are managers of your teams because you will always stay behind.

buddymagoo2326d ago

I disagree Kenny is a good manager and finding his feet again after a long spell out of the game. Wenger is a quality manager that has just lacked the funding. I'm sure if Wenger had Mancini's budget they would have won the Champions League.

Abdou232326d ago

And i disagree one more,Wenger's strategy is to bring youngsters and make stars out of them same as Ferguson's nowadays,if he had a problem with funding what made him tolerate it all this years ? And Kenny with his current squad could do a lot more than 6th, they are better than both Newcastle and Arsenal which only have one player really ( Van Persie )

Anderson82326d ago


his youth development policy is only there because of his restricted budget.. if he had 250mil he'd be buyin star players as well as nuturing youth.. and success has made him tolerate it all this time.. hes won alot in his time and 14 consecutive yrs in the champs league is good motivation too.. liverpools squad are no way near top 4 tho

GanjaMan2326d ago (Edited 2326d ago )

Hahaha you a retard or something? Wenger is a top class manager why do you think he's still managing arsenal after 15 years, who do you think made the Arsenal invisibles undefeated for a entire season, thats right Wenger did (even Fergie hasn't done that) and why do you think he wasn't sacked after the first couple of poor months at the start of the season, if it was any other top manager for a top team (bar fergie) they would have been sacked.

Wenger and Fergie are some of the most top decorated managers this generation but 'king' kenny on the other hand is mehh



Aren't you the guy that said Fergie should go?

No offence but you know fuck all about managers.

Abdou232326d ago (Edited 2326d ago )

@Ganjaman you have been reported and you don't even deserve my attention.
@ Cybersnake i never said he should go i simply criticised the way he buy players and i still do.As for Wenger last time he won a championship was 7 years ago, i don't care about his history all i care that a manager who doesn't achieve a single championship in 7 years is a bad one and everyone disagrees with that or even try to remotely compare him with Ferguson is an idiot, Manchester united wins at least one championship every season.

CYBERSNAKE2326d ago (Edited 2326d ago )

No you actually said

'I think Ferguson days at Old Trafford.should come to an end.'

Man Utd can't compete with City, Chelsea, Real and Barca's spending and that isn't Fergie's fault, it's just the way the club is run at the moment what with the Glazers at the helm and the debt they've racked up. Even Arsenal can't compete in the transfer market, Wenger had no problem buying talented experienced players 15 years ago when their fees weren't ridiculous.

Getting a new manager doesn't mean the club is gona start spending crazy, a new owner does. And that's what football has become, another game for sugar daddy billionaires.

You wana hear someting crazy? £45m for a player called Eden Hazard, 10 years ago £45m got you Zidane and he was worth every penny and I don't even like Real Madrid.