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Nasri abused by fans on way home from Liverpool defeat in car clip posted on YouTube

Daily Mail- A video has emerged of Samir Nasri being subjected to abuse from fans - while driving home from Manchester City's defeat.

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dcortz20272350d ago

He should have stayed at Arsenal.

dcortz20272350d ago

I mean I think Samir Nasri fitted in quite well at Arsenal, but yeah, sports should bring people joy and unite them, not tear them apart. Great player, I wish him luck over at Manchester City. Shame on those fans for behaving like that.

NewMonday2349d ago (Edited 2349d ago )

a pair of ars'holes they are

Anderson82350d ago

he should have come to united

GJ232350d ago (Edited 2350d ago )

Disgusting way for fans to behave.

freeduck2350d ago

Yeah it was a bit too far imo. It would've been funny just yelling 1-0, or just teasing him about transferring for $$$, but swearing and calling him names is just really abusive.

Corepred42350d ago

Wow you guys are crying about that?! That's just sh*t talking after a win over the opposing player's team! quit being girls! GEEEEZ!!