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Real Madrid's Iker Casillas feels Clasico has lost some of its shine

Iker Casillas is of the opinion that the Clasico is losing some of its lustre because Real Madrid and Barcelona are now clashing so regularly.

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buddymagoo2355d ago

Used to be a must watch, now a meh watch. And to think people say La Liga is better than the premiership, joke.

Corepred42355d ago

Maybe not La Liga but it's two top teams top any in the premier league. not a joke.

buddymagoo2355d ago

It's easy to say that but we don't know how they would cope in the Premier League.

Small teams parking the bus. The small cramped but loud stadia. Playing the full 90 mins against teams at full throttle. The injuries.

One thing is, it would be interesting!

NewMonday2355d ago


because Real keep losing

Casillas "its not fun anymore, i wanna go home"

Nes_Daze2354d ago

There's just more competition in the Premier League, that's it. Which is "easy to say" when LA Liga has the two best teams in the world. IMO, it's always a pleasure to watch Valencia play, and Levante's recent rise makes their games interesting to watch.

GJ232355d ago

That tends to happen when you lose most of the recent ones

Corepred42355d ago

lmao that from a raiders fan.

GJ232354d ago

Did i hurt your feelings? lol

Corepred42352d ago

Yeah you hurt my feelings, lmao.

dcortz20272355d ago

Please step it up Real Madrid, it's not even a clasico anymore, it's just a match that is dominated by Barcelona. I'm not a fan of either teams, but it would be nice to see Real Madrid give it all they got against Barca. At least give them a challange.


Maybe people have lost interest seeing as Sky Sports are constantly ramming Borecelona and Madrid games down our throught every damn week. I live in England. I wanna see English games. I'd personally much prefer to watch a Premier League, Championship, Division 1/2, Blue Square Conference or Evo-Stik game anyday over boring El Clasico.

sizeofyou2355d ago (Edited 2355d ago )

Not just El Clasico. European games between top English teams and their european counterparts used to be a big event, because that kind of clash only occured about 10 times a season. Now they seem like they're every other week. Too many teams in tournament - and therefore too many matches that take the shine off of those clashes. Too commonplace.

However, give me an El Clasico over Premiership football any day. How anyone can say that La Liga teams wouldn't cope with the Premiership, I don't know. They do well enough in the European tournaments. That wouldn't change on a week by week basis. It's the football played that does the talking. Unquestionably, their football is pure class in this era. Results speak for themselves. And I support a Premiership team!

Jihaad_cpt2355d ago

because Spanish teams have little babies playing in their teams. They dive alot and the English league is for real men, at least it used to be

Nes_Daze2354d ago

Diving is seen in all leagues, unless you are biased towards your own favorite league.

Jihaad_cpt2354d ago

I didnt say that they dont dive in the EPL just that they dive alot in Europe, Italians are worse offenders.

imtiyaz62354d ago

I'm sorry but in terms of entertainment, Epl is way better especially this season with some big fixtures ending with shocking scorelines.
Chelsea 3-5 Arsenal
Man Utd 1-6 Man City
Man Utd 8-2 Arsenal
You won't even be able to compare the last el clasico to the above matches.

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