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US Soccer Looks Bright: 9 Names to Remember for USMNT

BR - Get excited United States national team fans, because the future of the USMNT looks extremely bright.

The number of young Yanks playing abroad and domestically have grown by leaps and bounds in the last decade.

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Nes_Daze2319d ago

I must admit, every time I see :USMNT" I think mutant ninja turtles. Just saying... the U.S. team sucks, you guys call it "soccer", at least get a good damn abbreviation.

krazykombatant2319d ago

Unlike gloomy_nes ^^

I think the US looks to be a bit better in the near future, if they had gotten past the african team back in the WC, they would have had an easier road to the final than most other teams. Not to take away from Uruguay or Netherlands, I'm just saying at the time it looked easier than Spain, Germany.

Still though, they aren't going anywhere any time soon just small baby steps.

oh yeah inb4,"the world should be glad we have other sports, otherwise our best players would dominated... blah blah blah."