RFEF takes no action on Pepe stamp

The Spanish FA (RFEF) has announced it will take no action against Real Madrid defender Pepe over his alleged stamp on the hand of Barcelona's Lionel Messi in last week's Copa del Rey quarter-final first leg.

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kane_lfc1885d ago

Messi deserved it, hes a bad diver and I would of done the same.

yezz1885d ago

well im glad you are not playing! if you call messi a bad diver then 80% of footballers must be divers..?

Sahil1884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

@kane: You out of your mind?

iDived_uMad1885d ago

you lads need to man seriously is not pathetic @ all.

buddymagoo1885d ago

Standing on another man's hand while he is on the floor! To me that is not a man but a coward.

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