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cozmo1951971d ago

Carroll has still got a lot more goals to score to justify his price tag.

NewMonday1970d ago

Carroll had back to back good games, hope this goes. moving a bit better AND the team is giving him better balls

freeduck1971d ago

didn't watch the game but happy about the result. seems like Andy Carroll is back on track, won MOTM this game and against Utd.

Suarez will be back next game, thirsty and with a point to prove. can't wait, although I really hope Carroll doesn't get dropped

Crankbrute1971d ago

Good result for liverpool, against the team 1 off the bottom...

Sahil1971d ago

Ya know, 3 points are 3 points.

buddymagoo1970d ago

Kane??? No where to be seen! Well he is actually in the Man Utd/City articles and he calls himself a Liverpool fan???

buddymagoo1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

So that makes it ok does it, lol. I comment in nearly all articles, I enjoy football and the banter!

kulka1970d ago

good result we looked really good today no just keep it up