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Highlights: Valencia 1-1 Barcelona (Copa Del Rey - Semi Final 1st leg - 01/02/12)

1-0 Jonas 27'
1-1 Puyol 35'

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buddymagoo1943d ago

Messi missed a penalty as well.

dcortz20271942d ago

Messi is only human. He can't do everything right and perfect all the time!

danikagrace1942d ago

Well said! He's amazing to watch when he gets going.

Nes_Daze1943d ago

*sigh* Barca, what the hell are they doing? Well at least this was an away leg, now we have to crush them at Camp Nou.

kane_lfc1942d ago

WTF you on about? Valencia are a great team and have a great chance of winning the Copa Del Rey...infact I hope they beat you cheats in the 2nd shouldn't even be in this competition anymore :/

Nes_Daze1942d ago

You need to learn how to control yourself kid, I never said Valencia was a bad team, they're third on the league table and could possibly beat Barcelona in the tournament. And how exactly does Barca cheat? Did they cheat when they beat ManU at Trafford 3-1? Or when they crushed madrid 5-0 a few years back? I'd love to hear what more nonsense you have to spew, because that's the only thing I see you doing on this site.

buddymagoo1942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

When did barca beat Man Utd at old trafford? Surely you mean wembly and yes they were diving around like pansies.

Free kicks won
Barca 16
Man Utd 5

Corepred41943d ago

WTF?! They should just start Puyol at forward for now on! lol

buddymagoo1943d ago

Yeah Valencia will crumble at the nou camp.

Nes_Daze1940d ago

"they" consisted of like 1 or 2 players, and "you" and that team you like just needed an excuse for losing against a team that is SUPERIOR.

Theo11301943d ago

Another great line up from Pep: 4-3-3-3

topgeareasy1942d ago

come on Valencia
knock out the cheaters