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kulka1844d ago

Newcastle are on fire this season I was expecting them to be in around 10th not 5th

buddymagoo1844d ago

Imagine how Tony Pulis must feel now, after turning down Ba.

ZizouZidane101844d ago

Yes but you have the benefit of Hindsight, at the time Ba wasn't exactly an amazing striker and for all we know, he could of failed at Stoke.

buddymagoo1844d ago

Kane aka Zizou

He scored 7 in 12 for West Ham and that was for a team that got relegated. Not much of a gamble.

RedDevils1843d ago (Edited 1843d ago )

He was amazing at West Ham, I was amaze no one went for him, especially Liverpool who in need of a prolific striker when they see the exit of Torres, With Newscastle now acquire another Bargain "Cisse" this remind of Yorke and Cole, "19 and 9" oh those were the best duo ever imo

danikagrace1844d ago

And a great homecoming for Demba Ba, he has a great attitude and always plays well.

no_more_heroes1844d ago

Is this the start of Demba-Demba?