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Funny football bromance pics including Rooney, Terry, Ramsey, Tevez, Donovan and Beckham

"Too often recently attention has focused on aggravation and bad sportsmanship between footballers, but it isn't always so. There are plenty of bromances in the game and to prove it we've compiled this gallery of photos featuring footballers spreading the love. Feel the passion!"

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goku323592261d ago

lol at the one with lampard and terry


For me this has to be the funniest picture in football

Corepred42260d ago

Oh man! LMAO! I hope he at least paid the man for that service! lmao!

ChiVoLok02260d ago

Haha nice. Do you happen to know what this video is called I only saw it once and it's about this player that gets slapped and reacts like 3 seconds later by throwing himself the opposite way while grabbing his face in "pain". It's pretty ridiculous.

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zeddy2260d ago

lmao! that rio tevez picture is priceless. looks like he's trying to pull sumin out his arse.