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Highlights: Italy 0-1 United States 29-02-2012 International Friendly

0-1 Clint Dempsey 55′

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Corepred42035d ago

Fantastic game for the US. To finally start building confidence in themselves and in their coach. Anybody know where Donovan was today?

Infernostew2034d ago

I remember now. He has bronchitis.

Nes_Daze2034d ago

How far Italy has fallen, first Mexico now U.S...*sigh*

Corepred42034d ago

Yeah man don't give the teams that won any credit AT ALL.

Nes_Daze2031d ago

Well obviously they deserve credit, but it's not like they beat the same Italy that won the world cup a few years back.

lugia 40002033d ago

Oh wow US won to italy. Very nice.

rawd2033d ago

Are we taking value in friendlies now. LOL

Corepred42033d ago

Are you slow? Yeah it's only a friendly but do you think any of these teams want to lose? Especially to the United States?!?

Jihaad_cpt2033d ago (Edited 2033d ago )

counts the team's FIFA ranking so YES!!!! Also the Euro is coming up soon, Italy need to start putting in some results, otherwise they will be hammered

rawd2033d ago

now we are taking FIFA rankings seriously too ROFL
You clowns made my weekend! Cheers