Evra made it clear he didn't REALLY want to shake Suarez's hand

Glen Johnson exclusive. Glen Johnson was five players down the line when Luis Suarez seemingly refused to shake hands with Patrice Evra at Old Trafford last month. He didn’t see it.

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Abdou231993d ago

Glenn is an idiot,so as anyone who wants to defend Suarez.

buddymagoo1993d ago

He couldn't see anyway he was stood six players away from Suarez and walking away from the event

neoragex1993d ago

But you clearly saw it all the way from manchester, eh.

buddymagoo1992d ago

It was replayed on Television for everyone to see a million times.

Infernostew1993d ago

Let it go, Glen. Why are you saying this now? I would imagine that both clubs want to put this whole saga behind them.

Anderson81993d ago

if this was the case suarez wouldn't of apologised

kulka1992d ago

To be fair this incident happened half a year ago let's focus on football and leave this controversial issue behind us