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UEFA Champions League – Draws

APOEL v Real Madrid
Marseille v Bayern Munich
Benfica v Chelsea
AC Milan v Barcelona

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HxCGamer2043d ago

and Barcelona gets the easiest route to the final

oh well a confident RM should be able to get there, for yet another classico

Mozilla892043d ago

Really? Playing AC Milan and probably Chelsea is easier than playing APOEL and Bayern?

NewMonday2042d ago

looks all Barca games will be big(if they progress):

Barca x Milan
Barca x Chelsea
Barca x RM in a big final

freeduck2043d ago

Yeah, Madrid got the easiest draw.
The only close game I can imagine is Benifica vs Chelsea

I predict Bayern, Barca, Chelsea and Madrid to the semi finals.. It will be quite intense

Corepred42042d ago

Come on man I'm a huge Madrid fan and even I don't think Barcelona got the easy draw. I'm pretty sure we did. Don't know much about Apoel but I'm optimistic. Depends which AC Milan they get, I predict an underachieving one after the whooping Arsenal gave them.

yezz2042d ago

your barca hate must be pretty bad if you are that blind..

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kulka2042d ago (Edited 2042d ago )

If both real and Bayern progress it will be a hell of a semi final. I predict El Classico in the final

topgeareasy2042d ago

I hope not

La liga can over take EPL

1 England... 83.160
2 Spain......79.329
3 Germany...73.519
4 Italy...... 59.838
5 Portugal....54.346
6 France......54.178
7 Russia......47.832


AC Milan vs Bayer Munich would be a beast Final

lugia 40002042d ago

Benfica v Chelsea will be a very close match.

Jihaad_cpt2042d ago

I actually think Chelsea stand the best chance to knock Barcelona out. I don't rate them to win the cup though.

doncorleone2042d ago

Benfica are not to be underestimated thought

krazykombatant2042d ago

Nice, that RM v Bayern game is going to be intense. same with the barca, ac milan.