Messi equals Barca record

Argentina ace now has 232 goals for Catalan club

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buddymagoo1892d ago

Congratulations and there is plenty more games for him to score plenty more goals.

jony_dols1891d ago (Edited 1891d ago )

He's got 5+ of his best years ahead of him. He'll break the 500 mark easy, if he doesn't call it a day too soon and head back home to play with Boca or River.

Bleucrunch1891d ago

Messi is a freak of nature on the can only hope to contain him at this point.

freeduck1892d ago

If you graph out his number of goals per season at Barca, you will see it increases linearly. He just gets better and better

jak3y13oy1892d ago

He is only 24, and he has broken this record already! I think he will have that title for a VERY long time!

Congrats to Messi!

Grap1891d ago

it wasn't hard for player like him. scoring on Spanish clubs like bld waleed is way to easy

Nes_Daze1891d ago

Yeah, you should tell that to ManU, see why they lost 2 games to Bilbao.

Anyway, Congrats to Messi's new record, he was amazing in that game against Granada.

yezz1891d ago

well there has been many great players playing for barca and real for example and no one has done what messi is doing now...

he has also 12 ucl goals already so the goalscoring hasnt ended when other than spanish clubs have been the opponent..!

FatGayandbald1888d ago

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FatGayandbald1888d ago

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Grap1888d ago

wow u really have some issue.. r u mentally Disorder? who is the stalker idiot?

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asmith23061891d ago

Best player ever. Glad I am around to see him.

marcoskids1891d ago

Not so much for his country though.

asmith23061891d ago

So you are disputing that hes the best ever because 20 goals in 60 matches (thereabouts) isn't good enough?