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Highlights: Barcelona 2-0 Athletico Bilbao (La Liga - 31/03/12)

40' (1-0)Andrés Iniesta
58' (2-0)Lionel Messi

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PaPa-Slam2272d ago

Bilbao, looked completely helpless, Barcelona completely outplayed them.

Corepred42272d ago (Edited 2272d ago )

It probably wouldn't have mattered too much but didn't Bilbao have their top players out? I thought I heard they had them benched because they just played a game or something.
That or they're going to play a game very soon.

PaPa-Slam2272d ago

I hope those players were injured & not left out just so they could rest, this was a big game, you have to be real stupid if you bench your Best player.

Nes_Daze2272d ago

Copa Del Rey is much more important for Bilbao than this game, I wouldn't risk injuring my best players after they're tired on some game that is probably lost anyway. Plus, there are only a few games left in the league anyway.