Highlights: Real Madrid 5-2 APOEL Nicosia (UEFA Champions League - 4/4/12)

1-0 Ronaldo 26'
2-0 Kaka 36'
2-1 Manduca 67'
3-1 Ronaldo 75'
4-1 Callejon 80'
4-2 Solari (P) 82'
5-2 Di Maria 84'

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Corepred41748d ago

What a shot by Kaka. What a free kick by Ronaldo. What vision and chip by Di Maria, welcome back! Marcelo had a great game assisting. Hopefully this gives Real a confidence boost and momentum. Can't wait for the Bayern Munich matchup! I also wanna see Drogba's revenge on Barcelona though. =)

wantedboys1748d ago

UEFA will control theses matches they want Real Madrid and Barcelona to be in the final

I am Real Madrid fan and I prefer losing than wining by cheating

kulka1748d ago

Chelsea have little chance against Barca let's be serious they are not as good as they were in 2009 under Hiddink while Barca got stronger and more expierenced but Bayern and Real will be a huge matchup. I think it will be a high scoring game

Nes_Daze1748d ago

Let's see how Real Madrid does against a team that's actually up to their level..they've had it easy for most of the tourney..

Snakefist301747d ago

I thought Barca got easy matches!!!

Nes_Daze1746d ago

Yeah because Milan is a weak team.../sarc

HxCGamer1746d ago

^yea that's the only somewhat difficult match barcelona had... and they decided to depend on the referees to win the game for them.