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Highlights: Real Madrid 0-0 Valencia (Spanish Primera Division- 08/04/2012)


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krazykombatant2114d ago

..... oh boy... Time to tighten that ass RM.

RGB2114d ago

Valencia played a really good defensive game, brilliant goalkeeping throughout from Guaita.

Nes_Daze2114d ago

I LOLED when Ronaldo dived, and Pepe screamed in agony then stood right up like nothing happened, not to mention he sank his boot in Arbeloa's leg. His OWN teammate...incredible.

And How Benzema did not make that goal is beyond me, Crazy game.

Both teams got lucky, or unlucky I guess a couple of times, Casillas gave a kiss to the crossbar lol.

Corepred42113d ago

Yeah I was laughing too at Pepe. He needs to cut that crap out. He's gonna start looking like Busquets or Villa, LOL.

asmith23062113d ago

Yeah if they can't beat Barce they might as well join em lol!

Nes_Daze2113d ago

Um he looks worse, and not to mention how much of a clown Ronaldo is, unless you don't watch Real Madrid games. He also stepped on Messi's hand on purpose in a previous game. In what other team have you seen the same guy hurt his own teammate AND another player from an opposing team on purpose? It's not good to have him on the team, then again that's what Mourinho teaches those "boys".

Corepred42113d ago (Edited 2113d ago )

Sorry but nothing is worse than Villa's dive then wanting to fight right away. lol But I think everyone agrees Busquets is THE worst! It sucks that either team has to do these things but I'd rather play physical and risk the foul than be diving around like a bunch of girls.

Nes_Daze2112d ago

I still don't think Busquets is the worse, if Messi did what Ronaldo did against Valencia the world would explode. At least Busquets respects his teammates a bit unlike Pepe. But I really do dislike his diving and it pisses me off because I know the media will exaggerate their dives. Thankfully Messi and Sanchez make Barca's offense look better, poor guys get tackled to hell before they fall.

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buddymagoo2114d ago (Edited 2114d ago )

El classico then Bilbao away for Real. Barca have a good chance of winning the league now.