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Highlights: Manchester United 4 – 0 Aston Villa (English Premier League -- 15/04/2012)

1-0 7′ (PG) Wayne Rooney
2-0 43′ Danny Welbeck
3-0 73′ Wayne Rooney
4-0 90+3′ Nani

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buddymagoo2227d ago

I love Scholes, he is just on another level! We looked good today after the midweek slump at Wigan.

Anderson82227d ago

if scholes plays in all our remainig games we'll win the title... i hope he stay on another season and we get a few more centre mids

Infernostew2227d ago

Really wished Young didn't dive for a penalty again but I guess that no call for Villa's clear handball made up for it. Still not happy that Young keeps doing it and really needs to stop right away.

That being said, United controlled the whole match and really had the chance to completely embarrass Villa even more. Rooney didn't have a great match but still got a nice goal during the run of play. Valencia was just unstoppable and was clear MotM in my opinion. Great to see Welbeck and Nani back on the scoresheet. Also, congrats to Berbatov for actually making it onto the field today. I was really hoping he'd get a game in before his inevitable move in the summer.


I agree with everything you said especially about Young, that's twice now the idiot dived when he didn't need to. He's better than that and he better cut it out.

Infernostew2227d ago

Also, 10 clean sheets for De Gae. What a turn around season he's had!

ProjectVulcan2227d ago (Edited 2227d ago )

Villa were truly awful and have no form. It was embarassing to see Young's fall, far too soft. United clearly did not need that today because the
opposition were hopeless. Villa's injury list is hurting them but they have been shocking in 2012 so far.

I have no idea what Mcleish can take from that. I guess it is just that Villa have easier games and were never expected to get anything today.

I think they will survive because they have that cushion from the drop. They just have to beat Bolton and they are going to be ok.

Gamer19822225d ago

Youngs got a name for himself now 2 dives in a row for penaltys.

Infernostew2225d ago

After hiding out for a couple weeks due to city's poor form, you come back and this is all you say? Jog on, mate.

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AcceptedWalnut2227d ago

Cant believe after the QPR game the ref fell for another Ashley Young special. To think Tevez was booked yesterday aswell is why i feel we simply won't be allowed to win this league.

Infernostew2227d ago

If city doesn't win the league, it won't be because of not getting calls. It will be because they choked it up and dropped point away from home against teams they should've put away.

buddymagoo2227d ago

Didn't you know, United own the Premier League! It's ours!

asmith23062227d ago

Nice dive by Young, and then Ferguson admits it and says its still a penalty... nice way to encourage players to drop to the ground Sir Alex. Anyways, Utd deserved it anyway, Villa were very poor.

KingPin2226d ago (Edited 2226d ago )

SAF didn't say it was a dive, he said that Ashley was tripped, it was a penalty BUT the way Ashley went to ground he "over did it".

his not encouraging players to fall. i remember he used to get angry at Ronaldo and Nani for doing that. like if they didn't dive, went two more steps they could've scored.

asmith23062225d ago

He said he played for the penalty and went to the ground easily, in other words a dive. Theres no other way to dress it up. That excuse of "there was definitely contact" is word play. Contact means contact, it doesn't mean a player was tripped.

doncorleone2227d ago

Nice to see Nani scoring!