My five worst divers

Rivaldo, Ginola, Young, Drogba and Ronaldo

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krazykombatant1916d ago

are you kidding me?? what about busquets, mascherano, pedro?

Nes_Daze1916d ago

They're not there because the person writing the article is not a madrid fan....

krazykombatant1916d ago

I would address this comment but I'll just say this HALA MADRID!!

Nes_Daze1916d ago

LOL, ok, celebrate your first win of the season.

krazykombatant1916d ago

whatever, we beat you in your house! No OLE, messi or anything! Your beloved pep made mistakes with his choice of starters.

Nes_Daze1916d ago

Yep, he made a huge mistake with his starters,you beat us at our house, I'm glad you're

krazykombatant1916d ago

Ahh well i won't be a total dick, I hope you can get past chelsea only so that we can beat you again in the champions!

Infernostew1916d ago

Young has had 2 bad dives and now he's among the worst? What a joke.

Kos-Mos1916d ago

Young dived in two matches and he's the worst? Don't give this site ANY clicks.

guigsy1916d ago

Has this guy watched any Spanish football? Busquets, Alves and Pepe are all way worse than any of those players mentioned.

RGB1915d ago (Edited 1915d ago )

The greatest dive ever or perfect simulation?

Finest actors the world has ever seen! Or as I call them, los tramposos.


Even more acting, Hollywood would be proud!