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Highlights: Barcelona 1-2 Real Madrid (Spanish Primera Division - 21/04/12)

0-1 17′ Sami Khedira
1-1 70′ Alexis Sánchez
1-2 73′ Cristiano Ronaldo

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Corepred42196d ago

about damn time! lmao feels good though. Tables seem to be slowly turning in our favor once again. Way to show up Ronaldo! Where was Messi?! I was laughing that Khedira actually showed up. See! He's good once and a great while! lol Today is a great Saturday!!

buddymagoo2196d ago

It looks like it will be Real time from now on. Well done Real and well done Ronaldo, sublime finish.

krazykombatant2196d ago

HAHAHAHA I'm soo proud! Khedira made me proud and the quick goal by ronaldo shut up the camp nou people. No more jeers or boos hahahaha. Now for the champions!

Corepred42196d ago

Monkey off our backs. Time to go out and find a BBQ!!

Ares902196d ago

I bet you're not even from Spain
another Asian or Arab who supports European teams.

krazykombatant2196d ago

@ares90. I'm south american... Besides whats the problem with people from other parts of the world cheering on european teams. Last I checked the best players in the world come outside of europe.

Just look at history South america is where the best players are made. (not saying messi is better than ronaldo or vice versa but the majority of quality players can be found in south america and around the world).

Therefore, keep your offensive thoughts off this board. Back to n4g savage fanboy.

NewMonday2195d ago

RM basically played Catenaccio, Chelsea did the same looks like it is best the way vs Barca.

RM had players form a tight circle/box in front of the defense to slow down "Tiki Taka" and it worked, Barca got chances when they switched to the wings but Telo missed about 5 clear chances

Ares902194d ago

and why don't you support your local team?

HxCGamer2194d ago

you cant be serious haha im from madrid, thus i support madrid... but I also support other teams such as schalke, liverpool, etc.

Football does not restrict you to only supporting one team, that's the beauty of having so many leagues

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RGB2196d ago

Hala Madrid!!! Hala Madrid!!! Hala Madrid!!!

First Clásico Camp Nou win since 23 December 2007. I believe Mourinho's first win at the Camp Nou ever!

Camp Mou!

oli2196d ago

So am I. Why did pep play tello instead of sanchez? Why did he take out xavi? Either way, I'm glad.

Snakefist302195d ago

Maybe because he wanted him against Chelsea!!

sonic9892195d ago

Hala madrid Hala madrid Halaaaaaaaa maaaaaadriiiiiid
this is the blancos spirit its the true real madrid magic HAla Ozil HAla Cristiano Ronaldo Hala Sami Khidera

Anderson82196d ago

first time i've seen ronaldo outshine messi in a game.. if madrid get further than barca in the champs league he may even get the ballon d'or

NewMonday2195d ago

messi needed support, he gave Telo many chances but the young boy was nervous

lugia 40002196d ago (Edited 2196d ago )

Finally hahaha

Ronaldo was like, HEY you, shut up, calm down.

RGB2196d ago

Ronaldo's 42nd goal of the season, Madrid's 109th goal of the season and I believe it's the first time Guardiola's Barcelona have lost twice on the spin. 3 records in one match! :D

Wouldn't mind Bilbao and Chelsea to finish off Barca's average season!

Why o why2195d ago (Edited 2195d ago )

arsenal fan here saying go on Chelsea, go beat them on Tuesday even though I'm pissed we didn't tuck you in earlier. worst thing was it was your second string but whatever, go beat barca.

Nes_Daze2196d ago (Edited 2196d ago )

Disappointing, but a bit expected. Real Madrid hasn't beaten Barca this season until today, we were eventually going to go down, especially with a weak starting lineup.

Tello was inexperienced, Pique was on the bench, Messi didn't show up, but neither did Barca as a whole. Once again, barca did not play up to their high standard.

Congrats to Real Madrid on their league win.

krazykombatant2196d ago

Why don't we call it what it was, Real Madrid put pressure and barca were sloopy. Can some one give me the possession statistic, I felt that the match was fairly even, and when alexis came back, I saw barca get some air in their sails...

That was prior to the CR7 GOAL XD!

At least try to win the copa del rey, it would be a sad way for the "great" Barcelona to not get something by the end of the season.

Nes_Daze2196d ago

I am calling it what it is, I said congrats to Madrid for winning the league, this is a league game right? As for possession..umm no..Barca had more possession, Real was defending a lot more after that first goal.

I appreciate your concern for the tournament we knocked you out of...:).

Corepred42196d ago (Edited 2196d ago )

Come on man. Be happy with the win but don't be a douche about it. Barca held possession almost all game like they always do. But we finished better today. Puyol is slowing which allowed Khedira. And Ronaldo was on point with his 2nd goal. I was wondering why Pique and Fabregras weren't in. That kid you had on the left just was not on the same level. Glad we can make Barca drop points while we pick them up.

Edit: more bubbles please. hate not being able to discuss games without running out. don't wanna have to go to a forum.

yezz2196d ago

possession about 70-30 for barca...

sdtarm2196d ago (Edited 2196d ago )

Yezz its right, possession was 69%-31% for barca, the game was not balanced in possession, the match was not even, barca played sloppy and messi did not appear. however, madrid was opportunist and defended all the time with 10 men in their half. idk if you watched the same game as me but i could see a madrid side outrageously burning time the whole game, when they got the ball they just smashed it back to the other side until barca moved it up again and this was happening from the minute 20 to the end of the game.

You can hardly call that a victory, a tie would have represented more what happened in a game that barca was a lot less than what it normally is. football-wise barcelona was still superior than madrid. You cannot call that victory just yet, in summary we are still teaching madrid how to play football, even after 4 years of complete dominance and an outrageous amount of money spent by madrid for their 'greatest player' and the 'special one'

revben2195d ago

@sdtarm. What are you talking about? Both teams had 14 shots, real madrid had 6 on target, barca 4. madrid had 7 corners, barca 5. Victor had to make 5 saves, casslias made 2 saves. So tell me who deserves to win again. Barca was only keeping the ball, but real madrid was making the real progress. The ball stats was the same last Wednesday but barca still lost.

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krazykombatant2196d ago

@corepred4 I'm being absolutely the same as what they would be if they had won. (gave you the bubble vote)

@Nes_daze props for being a good sport, like i said in the other post, get to the champions final and we'll see you there for the final rematch of the season!.

Attila572196d ago

Lol at all the people thinking Real Madrid was going to lose this game. Real Madrid for life!!

Mr Patriot2195d ago

Hahahahaha u guys finally beat fcb quite pethatic

Liquid_Ocelot2195d ago

Quite PATHETIC you can't even write it properly, and English isn't even my native language. I get it though, a typo is a typo.. so is a win ;)

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