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Highlights: Norwich 0 - 3 Liverpool (English Premier League -- 28/04/2012)

24' (0-1)Luis Suárez
28' (0-2)Luis Suárez
82' (0-3)Luis Suárez

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freeduck1999d ago

3 excellent goals by Luis!

PaPa-Slam1999d ago

Agreed, liverpool very totally in control of the game.

Sp3Ci4LK4Y1998d ago

Best hat trick of the season

cozmo1951999d ago

'Gerrard on Suarez's hat trick goal: "I was about to give him a bollocking for not passing me the ball"'


kulka1999d ago

If Suarez had better players around him he would be among Messi and Ronaldo. He can make defenders look like a bunch of kids.

doncorleone1999d ago

The last goal is amazing. What's more incredible about that goal for me is that Suarez seems to celebrate before the ball went in and that...that's special.

XboxInnovation1998d ago

He should've had 4 goals. He tried to be fancy and chip one in over the keeper that sailed over the net when he had a wide open net to shoot at.

freeduck1998d ago

yeah that's the problem with young Luis. A lot of times he has a sense of urgency and shoots but misses but if he takes his chances calmly he can be a 20+ goal/season striker. He hit a lot of the crossbar this season. Hopefully next season he will be more clinical

KazumaKiryu1998d ago

He wanted to complete his hattrick in style which is why I think he did that, and probably why he scored the third in that way.

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